Cartooning Now and Again

I was born, raised, and more importantly, trained in an analog world.

I think my class at the University was both the last one to be trained in actual 'paste up' with waxers (which were already obsolete) and blue line pencils, and the first one to be trained with computers.  

Now, of course, all the 'paste up' is digital, and the 'cut' and 'paste' is virtual.  The blue lines on your layout pages are glowing phosphors instead of actual blue lead in a drafting pencil. The method has changed, but the terminology hasn't.  Like 'dialing' a phone. We still say it, but the phones haven't had dials in a while.

The upshot is that I, like the people that designed graphic programs to begin with, know why the blue lines are blue.  I, like old time photographers, know why those tools in Photoshop are called 'dodge' and 'burn'.  I did that stuff back when we actually dodged and burned our photographic prints.  

I figure a few of the younger art directors are steeped in their craft and they know, too, where their vocabulary comes from.  But I've met some that don't.  It's all very entertaining, don't you think?